The Complete Step-by-Step Masterclass to Write Your Non-Fiction Book (Self-Paced Course)

9 Modules Will Guide You On Your Journey To Bring Your Book To Reality.

Who this masterclass is for:

  • People who want support getting started or finishing writing their book.
  • People who want to build writing confidence.
  • People who might have never written a book before.
  • People who want to drive traffic to their service or product.

You Have Been Called To Write

This self-paced masterclass is designed for the writer who has been wanting to start or finish their book. This 9 module training helps authors at a variety of levels manifest their dream of completing their manuscript.

  • Getting Organized

    You are making a commitment to yourself to finally write your book. In this course, you will gain tools, accountability, and a community of support to help you succeed.

  • Filling In The Content

    We teach you exactly what you need to do to complete your manuscript the easy way and with fewer mistakes than you can imagine.

  • Polish

    Get your manuscript submission-ready! Learning how to self edit is incredibly important and when done properly will help you to gain confidence as a writer.


“I finally got over perfectionism procrastination and started almost daily. I also got over my 5 biggest fears that kept freezing me up in the past and have kept me from completing my book(s). I was presented with the solution to move past the greatest block of mine.”

Nadia KraussNadia Krauss

“Writing a book can seem like a daunting task, but only if you are NOT working with As You Wish Publishers. I knew I had a story to share with the world, but the idea of an individual book seemed like a hurdle that was too large for me to jump. That was until I committed to taking the online course offered by As You Wish Publishers called Build Your Brilliant Book. When I registered for the course, the commitment I made to myself seemed like a good way to stay on track with my vision and write the book in me, the one still inside my head. I was right. It was the incentive I needed to get a burner under my you-know-what and get words on paper. The Build Your Brilliant Book is a course for those who need the nudge, the reminder that your story matters. People need to hear it. The support all along the way was superb, and the course material well-laid out and easy to follow. My schedule is full, and my book writing felt too much to accomplish, but Todd Schaefer and Kyra Schaefer, along with the other class members, encouraged my success. I was emboldened and found the energy I needed to keep writing even with my crazy busy schedule. Once I got on the writing train, I realized that I found the joy that is a writer's companion. I highly recommend the course, Build Your Brilliant Book. You need to look no further for a team that will deliver good content, motivation, and heart. As You Wish Publishers delivers, and I will work with them at every opportunity that arises.”

Becki KoonBecki Koon

“The Build Your Brilliant Book masterclass isn't your typical course. It is packed with easy-to-follow lessons that make the entire process of authorship a smoother, more manageable undertaking. As a novice author, I didn't know what I didn't know. Kyra and Todd's expertise, and their professional and friendly guidance were instrumental in completing my first solo book. The knowledge they shared, the supportive community, and the beautiful journey that unfolds as a result of this course is invaluable. If you have any interest in writing a book, I recommend you take this course as soon as possible. I promise it will save you time, keep you motivated, on track, and you will be amazed at what you accomplish. ”

Carolyn MackeyCarolyn Mackey

Now Is Your Time To Write!

Isn't it time to get your message to the world?

I'm Ready To Write!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • How to Use the Build Your Brilliant Book Masterclass
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    Laying The Foundation
  • 3
    Getting Organized
    • Using A Writing Schedule That Works
    • Block Time and Calendar Template
    • Mind Map and Outline Templates
    • Mind Mapping & Outlines
    • Time Saver! What The Heck Do I Write About: A Simple Strategy To Find Topics. Required Reading
    • Test Your Knowledge Week 2
  • 4
    Confidence For Writers
    • Write First, Gain Confidence Later
    • Unboxing Your Creativity: Guided Visualization
    • How to make your book more interesting to read: Part 1
    • Time Saver! Is Writer's Block Real? Quick tips to overcome blocks to creativity. Required Reading
    • Test Your Knowledge Week 3
  • 5
    Create Value For Your Reader
    • Use Time Management and Organization Hacks to Write an Outstanding Book
    • Create Massive Value For Your Reader And They Will Keep Reading
    • How to make your book more interesting: Part 2
    • The Potential Legal Implications of Using Peoples Names in Your Book
  • 6
    Creating a Plan for your Book
    • Book Planning Success: What you must consider
    • Developing Your Content for your Readers
    • How to make your book more interesting to read: Part 3
  • 7
    Book Structure & Style
    • Book Structure & Style with your Goal in Mind.
    • 100 Page Book Review - How to bring readers back to your product and service by making your book simple to digest.
  • 8
    Most Writers Stop Here and How to Keep Going.
    • Focus on writing finish your previous lessons.
    • How to Keep On Writing Even if You Feel Like a Fraud (Impostor Syndrome)
    • Fun Writing Drills To Keep You Inspired
  • 9
    Book Formatting
    • Book Formatting: AKA Making a book look like a book - Beginning Basics
    • Advanced Formatting Headers and Auto Generating Table of Contents
    • Adding Page Numbers and Updating your Table of Contents
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Finding and Correcting Errors
    • Bonus: Full Page Image Formatting
  • 10
    Self Editing Best Practices
    • How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript
    • Punctuation and Grammar Hacks to Improve Your Writing
  • 11
    Bonus: Book Titles and Descriptions
    • How to Title Your Non-Fiction Book
    • How to Write Your Book's Back Cover Description
    • How to Write Your Preface, Introduction, and Conclusion
  • 12
    Writer's Resource List
    • Book List with Links
    • Apps and Technology for Writers
  • 13
    Next steps
    • Congratulations! What's Next?
    • Before you go...

Build Your Brilliant Book Masterclass

The Complete Step-by-Step Masterclass