The Complete Step-by-Step Masterclass to Write Your Non-Fiction Book in 90 Days (Self-Paced Course)

Class begins Aug.1st until Nov.1st; Includes Community Support; You get Full Course Access for one whole year! (Until Aug.1st, 2021)

Who this masterclass is for:

  • People who want support getting started or finishing writing their book.
  • People who want to build confidence and thrive on group support.
  • People who might have never written a book before.

You may take this masterclass to:

  • Get clear on the message you are wanting to bring to the world.
  • Feel better about finally getting started with your book.
  • Enjoy a community of writers who like you are writing their book also.
  • You are looking to gain access to inside information about the publishing world.
  • Use a book to build your expert status in your field.

You Have Been Called To Write

This self-paced masterclass is designed for the writer who has been wanting to start or finish their book. The 90-day training helps authors at a variety of levels manifest their dream of completing their manuscript.

  • Getting Organized

    You are making a commitment to yourself to finally write your book. In this course, you will gain tools, accountability, and a community of support to help you succeed.

  • Filling In The Content

    We teach you exactly what you need to do to complete your manuscript the easy way and with fewer mistakes than you can imagine.

  • Polish

    Get your manuscript submission-ready! Learning how to self edit is incredibly important and when done properly will help you to gain confidence as a writer.

What you'll receive during the 90-day masterclass: ​

  • 12 Writing Videos that will help you begin and finish your book, +2 'after the book' bonus videos
  • Weekly Facebook Live Videos for Realtime Answers
  • 3 Q&A Zoom Calls to Get Support On Your Authorship Journey
  • Private Facebook Community offering encouragement, positivity, and accountability

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    Week 1: Laying The Foundation
  • 3
    Week 2: Getting Organized
    • Using A Writing Schedule That Works
    • Block Time and Calendar Template
    • Mind Map and Outline Templates
    • Mind Mapping & Outlines
    • Time Saver! What The Heck Do I Write About: A Simple Strategy To Find Topics. Required Reading
    • Facebook Live Q&A: Week 2
    • Test Your Knowledge Week 2
  • 4
    Week 3: Confidence For Writers
    • Write First, Gain Confidence Later
    • Unboxing Your Creativity: Guided Visualization
    • How to make your book more interesting to read: Part 1
    • Time Saver! Is Writer's Block Real? Quick tips to overcome blocks to creativity. Required Reading
    • Test Your Knowledge Week 3
    • Facebook Live Q&A Week 3
  • 5
    Week 4: Create Value For Your Reader
    • Use Time Management and Organization Hacks to Write an Outstanding Book
    • Create Massive Value For Your Reader And They Will Keep Reading
    • How to make your book more interesting: Part 2
    • The Potential Legal Implications of Using Peoples Names in Your Book
    • Facebook Live Q&A Week 4
  • 6
    Week 5: Creating a Plan for your Book
    • Week 5: Book Planning Success: What you must consider
    • Developing Your Content for your Readers
    • How to make your book more interesting to read: Part 3
    • Facebook Q&A Week 5
  • 7
    Week 6: Book Structure & Style
    • Book Structure & Style with your Goal in Mind.
    • Why These Books Work: 2 Book Reviews - Explicit Content
    • Zoom Mastermind and Q&A #2
  • 8
    Week 7: Most Writers Stop Here and How to Keep Going.
    • Focus on writing
    • How to Keep On Writing Even if You Feel Like a Fraud (Impostor Syndrome)
  • 9
    Week 8: Book Formatting
    • Book Formatting: AKA Making a book look like a book - Beginning Basics
    • Advanced Formatting Headers and Auto Generating Table of Contents
    • Adding Page Numbers and Updating your Table of Contents
    • Adding Page Numbers and Updating your Table of Contents
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Finding and Correcting Errors
    • Bonus: Full Page Image Formatting
  • 10
    Week 9: Rough Drafts - Goal Post
    • Goal Post Evaluation
    • 100 Page Book Review - How to bring readers back to your product and service by making your book simple to digest.
  • 11
    Week 10: Cleaning Up Your Content
    • Cleaning up your Content
  • 12
    Week 11: Self Editing Best Practices
    • How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript
    • Punctuation and Grammar Hacks to Improve Your Writing
  • 13
    Week 12: Titles and Description
    • How to Title Your Non-Fiction Book
    • How to Write Your Book's Back Cover Description
    • How to Write Your Preface, Introduction, and Conclusion
  • 14
    Final Two Weeks
    • Bonus Lesson #13 What to never settle for when it comes to publishing your book
    • Bonus Week #14 Getting Your Books In Bookstores. Pros v. Cons
  • 15
    Writer's Resource List
    • Book List with Links
    • Apps and Technology for Writers
  • 16
    Next steps
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

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Build Your Brilliant Book Masterclass

The Complete Step-by-Step Masterclass to Write Your Non-Fiction Book in 90 Days


  • You Could Win A Top Tier Publishing Contract

    $4000 Value

    Students who graduate the masterclass and submit your completed manuscript will be entered into our 'Build Your Brilliant Book Contest.' The winner will receive a free publishing package ($4,000 value) with As You Wish Publishing. (See FAQ below.)

  • 50 Paperback Books With Purchase of A Publishing Package

    $750 Value

    Enrolled students are eligible to receive 50 books printed for free with your purchase of a publishing package from As You Wish Publishing by Nov. 15, 2020. (See FAQ below.)

We Love Giving Back!

Once we reach 100 student enrollments we will donate $1000 to Maggie's Place an organization designed to give homeless pregnant women a safe space and resources to get back on their feet.

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  • Win a $4,000 Book Publishing Package — FREE!

    Enrolled students who complete the 3-month 'Build Your Brilliant Book' masterclass must complete all homework and turn in a 100% completed manuscript by the deadline provided (TBA) to be eligible to win. The winner will be announced within a few days after masterclass concludes.

  • Get 50 Books Printed Free ($750 value)

    Your enrollment in the 'Build Your Brilliant Book' masterclass makes you automatically eligible to receive 50 printed books for free after you purchase a "Kindle eBook + Paperback Book + Launch to Bestseller" Publishing Package at $3,997 from As You Wish Publishing. These 50 free books will be the book you wrote from the masterclass. The 50 Books Printed for Free offer is valid from your date of purchase of the Build Your Brilliant Book Masterclass until November 15th 2020 (two weeks after the masterclass ends).

  • Limited Edition Swag Store Apparel and Accessories

    Enrolled students are eligible to purchase apparel and accessories from the 'Build Your Brilliant Book' online store.

  • What does "Self-Paced Course" mean?

    "Self-Paced Course" means you will have access to the content of this course for one year (ending August 1st, 2021). However, in order to be eligible to have a chance to win the $4,000 Book Publishing Package, you must turn in your completed manuscript by the end of the 90 day course. Specific date TBA.